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About our Classroom Instructors

John Greengo

John is a photographer who specializes in travel, landscape and nature photography as well as photographic instruction. With a degree in photojournalism, travels and adventures on all 7-continents and 25-years behind the lens, John has a long list of unique field experiences. His photographic style could be described as clean, bold and colorful. His classes are known to be of the highest quality partly due to his own unique way of illustrating and explaining photography.

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Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is a  photographer who specializes in portrait and wedding photography with more than 25 years of experience in photographing High School Senior Portraits, Weddings and Event photography.

Tom would like his photographic voice to be defined as Fun and Elegant Lifestyle Imagery and his teaching translates as a fun and easy to learn personalized educational curriculum for any skill level.

His instructional courses are made for and personalized to the individual student or students whether it be basic camera controls or in depth lighting or photographic theory.

Tom has taught workshops in Maine, Virginia and Washington, and looks forward to sharing his passion for photography and education with you.