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The LEDGO Line of On-Camera LED Panels has raised the bar for portable location lighting. With a 90+ CRI rating and unparalleled light output, LEDGO On-Camera LED’s offer superior performance and light quality in any situation. Lights with a low CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating can leave you with dull colors and poor contrast, but the high CRI of the LEDGO line of lights means you will always get accurate color representation.

The LEDGO 20W LED Ring Light features a unique Dual Zone Dimmer, allowing you to dim each side independently of the other. Use both sides at the same power to create the traditional flat, shadowless light that is associated with ring lights, or dim only one side to create a contrasting “main light and fill light” look. The LEDGO 20W LED Ring Light can either be mounted on top of the camera with the included hotshoe mount, or can be added on to any standard video rig with the included 15mm rods and camera plate, allowing you to place the lens of your camera through the center of the ring. This 20W LED produces 2,450 Lumens at full power, resulting in 4,260 Lux at a distance of one meter. Dimmable from 100%-0% and daylight balanced wit an included tungsten filter, the LEDGO 20W LED Ring Light lets you match the light color and intensity of your surroundings to create a natural feel to your video or photos. The round design also creates natural round catch lights, as opposed to square o rectangular catch lights that we see from other light sources.