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Untitled Document The new 5-section XPRO Monopod is aprofessional carbon fibre monopodmade to satisfy photographers who want to leverage the height of their monopod to achieve thebroadest range of shooting anglesandneed to be able to easily close it and carry it in their camerabag. Its 100% carbon fibre tubes ensure the monopod’s noticeablelightness,supremerigidityand better absorption of micro movements forexcellent image quality and portability. Combined with the Quick Power Lock (QPL), which strongly locks the lever thanks to an easy ergonomic mechanism, this eliminates unwanted jerky movements.

This monopod is compatible with Manfrotto’sfull fluid base(MVMXPROBASE) and allows you to transform your photo monopod into aprofessional full fluid video monopod. The innovative FLUIDTECH solution allows for a 3D fluid movement on pan, tilt and swivel, with a pioneering technology based on a spherical system located inside the base which deliver ultimate smoothness through an expanded range of perspectives. The three retractable feet make it extremely portable when folded and allow the monopod to be easily carried everywhere.
The MVMXPROBASE can be attached to the XPRO Photo Monopod+ by unscrewing the foot at the bottom of the monopod and convert the photo monopod to a video one for smooth video footage.
The MVMXPROBASE is compatible with all XPRO Photo Monopods+, but the MMXPROA3B.

The MPMXPROC5 is a 5-sectioncamera monopodthat reaches a max height of 176cm (69.3in). When paired with a monopod head, like the 234RC photo monopod head, it dramatically expands the vertical range of the shooting experience.
It is the perfect combination ofperformanceandportability:easy to carry while quickly moving from one shooting spot to another, with the tremendous stiffness and solidity of carbon fibre legs.

Enriched with newly designed leg warmer and dual 1/4'' - 3/8'' camera fixing screw, it is now even handier and more versatile out in the field.

The MPMXPROA5 replaces the Manfrotto695CX.