About our One-on-One Instructors

Need some help with that new camera? Need some pointers on a special photo or video project? Kenmore Camera is now offering individualized instruction within our store classroom space.

You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our staff members to help you become more knowledgeable in such areas as:

  • Portraiture or Product Lighting
  • Basic and advanced camera operations and techniques.
  • Imaging workflow, organization and post-capture editing
  • Video techniques and basic production.

  • Rate: $80 per hour of instruction. To schedule an individualized instruction session, see our instructors list and contact our store ( 425-485-7447).


    Unless otherwise noted, all classes & events are held at Kenmore Camera.

    About our Class Instructors

    Keep on Clicking with Tamron

    June 24, 2017
    Demo: 10am-3pm
    Lecture: 3pm-4:30pm

    Free Registration

    A Tamron Tech Team member will be in-store from 10am to 2pm to answer all of your photographic questions. Make sure to bring your camera to test drive the latest in Tamron optics.
    Later that evening, from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. join us for a FREE educational lecture on travel, landscape and nature photography produced exclusively with Tamron lenses. Some topics covered will include researching locations, optics and settings as well as how to approach a scene.
    Free online registration is required by Tamron for the lecture, so be sure to click the Registration button to join the fun!
    Come get inspired and Keep On Clicking!

    Mastering Natural Light Portraits

    June 25, 2017
    10:00am - 1:00pm

    Natural Light Portraiture with Ashlee Meyer

    with Ashlee Meyer

    This hands-on portraiture course will help students learn to find and utilize the best natural light when shooting outdoor portraits. Class will meet at Kenmore Camera and relocate to City Hall Park just down the block. We will use a model to demonstrate various lighting environments. Students will then be responsible for setting up the lighting, composition and posing of their own image. Everyone will have many opportunities to shoot portraits during the course of the class. 

    Topics will include:

  • Basic posing and composition
  • White balance for color management
  • When & how to use a reflector and diffuser
  • Using open shade
  • Backlighting your subject
  • Fill flash vs reflectors
  • Using polarizing filters
  • Appropriate focal lengths for portraits
  • This class is open to all camera types and skill levels.  Students should bring their cameras and lenses to class.


    DSLR Boot Camp

    July 8, 2017
    10:30am - 12:30pm

    Eventbrite - DSLR Boot Camp

    Jim Dicecco will lead this class in the basics of DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Photography. Bring your camera (with fully charged battery and card, of course!) for some hands-on practice as Jim shares his years of experience to help you:

  • Understand focusing to get your sharpest image
  • Using your camera's focus points and modes.
  • Getting the right exposure.
  • Understanding the 'Exposure Triangle'.
  • How to use the Mode Dial to best capture the image you want.

  • Panasonic- Coffee with the Rep!

    July 8, 2016
    10:00am - Noon

    Coffee with the Panasonic Rep

    Join Mark Toal from Panasonic for an informal question and answer session, plus coffee and bagels! This is your chance to get those questions about your Lumix camera answered and lear from other Lumix camera users. Mark will bring cameras and lenses, plus show how features on the Lumix cameras work and can be used in your photography.
    Creating Great Monochrome Images July 15, 2017
    9:30am - 11:30am

    Creating Monochrome with William Royce

    "Creating Great Monochrome Images"
    with William Royce

    This workshop will provide background information and techniques to enable effective and artistic conversion of color images to monochrome (black and white). Students will be shown the techniques leading to high quality monochrome images and tone control using primarily Silver Efex Pro II. Lightroom 6/CC, and Photoshop CC will also be demonstrated, with emphasis on use of color channel information for tone control. Numerous examples will be demonstrated.

    Learn to Light! July 15, 2017
    10:00am - 4:00pm

    Understanding Flash Photography

    "Learn to Light!"

    In this class you will receive the knowledge that will help you begin taking better flash pictures with confidence.  

     We will discuss:

    • Understanding basic light theory
    • Learning both Manual and TTL flash operation and the benefits of each
    • How to create better images with on camera flash
    • How to create better images with your flash off camera
    • Understanding High Speed Sync

    This class is for those that have a camera and either have a flash or are considering purchasing one soon.

    We will also discuss what products you would need to help you achieve this new knowledge and skill set.

    After taking this class you will have a much better understanding of light and how to apply that knowledge to get the most from your flash.

    This class is for those that have a DSLR camera and either have a flash or are considering purchasing one soon. If you have a flash, bring it along.  If you do not have a flash, a limited number of loaner flashes will be available through Phottix.

    The class is split into two sessions: A classroom instruction (10-11:30am) and an outdoor practical workshop (12:30-4pm)

    After taking this class you will have a much better understanding of light and how to apply that knowledge to get the most from your flash.

    Photographing the Solar Ecplise

    July 22, 2017
    1:30Pm - 3:30pm

    Eventbrite - Solar Eclipse Photography

    Join Brian Deis, a long time eclipse chaser and president of Vixen Optics, to learn all you need to know to capture great images of the upcoming August 2017 solar eclipse.

    Outline of Eclipse Imaging Session:

    •   What is a Solar Eclipse and where should you travel
    •   Various ways to image.  Time lapse, multi-exposure, high magnification etc
    •   5 stages of the eclipse
    •   Planning for the 140 seconds of terror!
    •   Tracking the 3 hour event, tripods vs Porta mount
    •   Wide and Medium field tracking using the Vixen Polarie tracker
    •   Types of filters and when to use
    •   Focal Length and resulting image size
    •   Setting ISO, F ratio, shutter speed during each phase of the eclipse event.
    •   Proper focus
    •   Enjoy the moment!

    Photoshop Basics

    July 29, 2017
    9:00am - Noon

    Eventbrite - Basic Photoshop Class

    There is no limit as to what can be done using Adobe Photoshop, but first you need to learn the fundamentals of the program.

    Why Photoshop instead of Lightroom? We will talk about various aspects of the two programs but our focus today will be to learn the basics of using Photoshop, including:

  • Image adjustment methods for the highlights and shadow areas of your images.
  • Cropping techniques beyond just the cropping tool.
  • Resizing your images to meet the Aspect Ratio for the size print you need, learn how to prepare images for the web.
  • Basics of using Layers
  • Basic Portrait retouching
  • Basic Landscape exposure problems solved

  • The instructor, Tom Hopkins, will supply images for you to follow along with during the class, so be sure to bring your Laptops loaded with Photoshop. Tom will be using the latest Photoshop CC; Photoshop Elements users are also encouraged to attend since the principles are the same at the basic level.
    The Power of the Print & Paper Choice

    July 30, 2017
    12:30pm - 2pm

    A print makes the photograph a reality.  A screen lacks the dimension that the print brings to life.  Prints are made to share and display and become a personal legacy. The choice of paper can enhance the presentation and reflect a personal esthetic.  

    Veronica Cotter, Education Development Manager, Hahnemühle USA, along with Dennis Keeley, Chair of the Photo & Imaging Dept, Art Center College of Design and fine art photographer, will help participants understand why it's important to print and why Paper Makes the Difference.
    Dennis will share images (both analog and digital) and discuss his ongoing commitment to printing.  Veronica will review the range of Hahnemühle Fine Art papers and accessories. Together they hope to inspire participants to print.

    There will be a drawing at the end of the presentation for a 13x19x25 sheet box of Hahnemühle FineArt paper.  

    Speedlights - Creative Control

    August 12, 2017
    9:00am - 2:00pm

    Eventbrite - Basic Photoshop Class

    This is 5-hour workshop, Tom will teach how to balance ambient light with flash, in a studio environment as well as outside. A live model will be on hand to help demonstrate the exciting possibilities of speedlite control, including:

    • Taking control of your aperture using shutter speeds higher than the camera sync speed (HSS).
    • Learning the creative power of using a a single Speedlight, then move on to multiple light set-ups.
    • Learning what equipment is needed to be successful, including:, speedlight mounts, lighstands, light modifiers such as Rapid Boxes, Mag Mod system, large and small umbrellas.
    • Off-camera techniques using radio/optical triggering systems.

    In this class, Tom will be using primarily Canon and Nikon products, but the principles are the same when using other systems like Sony, Fuji, etc.

    Drink and Click August 17, 2017
    7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Eventbrite - Drink and Click™ Seattle Event with Olympus, Fujifilm and Kenmore Camera

    Seattle, Drink and Click is heading back to our city for a double feature event with Olympus, Fujifilm and Panasonic. All of these great companies will bring all their cameras and lenses for you to test.
    Fujifilm is featuring the new Medium Format GFX Camera. Thanks to our friends from Fujifilm you will have a dedicated station to shoot the GFX during this event. Fujifilm has recently put out some new gear, so we are all happy to play with new toys. X-T20, X100F and the GFX 50S medium format will be there. On the lens side we have all the line up for the X series including the XF50mmF2 R WR.

    Olympus has many micro 4/3 cameras and quality lenses for any situation and including the fantastic new OM-D E-M1 Mk II.

    Panasonic will bring their newest gear and lenses. You can also swap lenses with Olympus and try different set ups since they are both micro 4/3.

    Don't forget to bring your SD Card so you can take your images home. We will have models and lighting available for you to shoot and as usual we will give away some cameras and some other goodies during the event.

    This event will be held at Diamond Knot Brewpub in Mountlake Terrace.